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Using Internet Explorer follow the link below to watch a live feed of the new school being built!

New School Progress!

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Rothsay Proud

Follow the link below for a glance at the unique strengths, talents, and gifts that make Rothsay Schools a great place to educate!

We live by the TIGER CODE!


Each year new families are added to the Instant Alert System.  Your primary number is put in, you have to add additional numbers and email addresses if you would like to be alerted at more than one number or by more than one method (email, text).  For instructions on updating your account, click on the Instant Alert Parent Packet to left on the Side Menu.  If you have any issues with your account you can contact the school office.

Honoring our Veterans

On Tuesday, November 11th, Rothsay School will hold its annual Veteran's Day program.  The guest speaker this year is Minnesota author, Jon Hovde.  Jon wrote "Left for Dead."  A Vietnam Veteran, Jon lost an arm and leg in the war.  He tells his story of returning home and the obstacles he has overcome both physically and emotionally.  Please join us if you can to hear his powerful words of resilience and courage! 

WHEN:  Tuesday, November 11th

TIME:  9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Rothsay School Gymnasium



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October 31st 2014


1. Attitude is a Choice

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

3. Together We Are Strong

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